Supplying Experienced Healthcare Assistants throughout Farnborough, Hampshire

Due to continuing staff shortages in healthcare settings, managers need a consistent flow of dedicated and trained healthcare professionals to ease their problems. Vine Social Care Agency, in Farnborough, Hampshire, is dedicated to providing exceptional, experienced clinical healthcare assistants and support workers to meet your individual needs. We work with all our employees, so they get involved in all areas of the business. From the start, we want them to know what we do and how we do it. We provide qualified staff in the following areas:


  • Support Workers

  • Healthcare Assistants

  • Youth Workers

Healthcare Training

Health and social care training changes frequently and we always stay on top of it. We offer opportunities for growth and support for individuals because if you grow, we grow. For people who want to get into the health and social care sector, we will provide skills development training.

Diverse Care

Here at Vine Social Care Agency, we ensure that we send qualified, highly skilled, and caring people to take care of our clients. The diversity of our employees enables us to cater for a diverse range of clients. We also provide carers who speak other languages. We make sure we cater to all our clients' requirements offering them a choice of carer. Continuity of care is our primary focus as when you know the needs of the person, you are able to provide better care. The person feels safer as they have developed a bond. If interested in a position, please fill out our application form and bring it to us, and we will get back to you shortly.

Professional Partnerships

It is our collective responsibility to ensure adherence for thorough vetting and quality procedures by operating under detailed policies and procedures in line with our clients’ requirements. We work in partnership with Healthier Business Group™ to meet our compliance needs. Our compliance team are responsible for ensuring that our team provides the following documentation prior to starting up work with us:


  • Employment History

  • Educational Qualifications

  • Professional Registration

  • Verification of Identity

  • Immigration Status

  • Criminal Records Bureau/DBS Checks

  • Health Screening/Full Immunisation History

  • Two Traceable Work References

Get in touch with us, in Farnborough, Hampshire, to find out more about our healthcare assistants and support workers.