Modern Slavery Statement

Here is the approved Modern Slavery Statement published by our company, Vine Social Care Agency Limited.

Elderly Care

Opening Statement from the Senior Management

Vine Social Care Agency Limited is committed to stopping acts of human trafficking and modern slavery taking place within its services and enforces the same standards on all its associations. The attributes of modern slavery include servitude, human trafficking, forced labour and slavery. Vine Social Care Agency Limited recognizes the impact of trafficking and slavery and as a socially responsible organisation, we are aware of our duties for eradicating such practices.

We are committed to acting with integrity and ethics in all our social care services and have developed effective controls and systems that safeguard against modern slavery occurring within our service chain.

Structure of the Organisation

Vine Social Care Agency Limited (Company Number – 09797435) is a UK registered company located in Farnborough, Hampshire. It specializes in offering a wide range of home and healthcare services to a diverse range of individuals. Vine Social Care Agency Limited has policies and procedures for managing risks relating to modern slavery.

This statement should be accepted as the Modern Slavery Statement for Vine Social Care Agency Limited and all its social care services offered across regions of Farnborough, Fleet, Hook, Yateley and other areas in Hampshire.

Due Diligence

As a part of our effort to fight modern slavery, Vine Social Care Agency Limited has employed an Anti-Slavery Policy. We try and make sure that all our clients and our team are fully aware of the policies and adhere to the highest standards.


Our agency has adopted several procedures to monitor and minimize the risks of human trafficking and slavery within its service chains. These help us review our services and incorporate the best practices that enable us to:

Due Diligence

  • Monitor, Identify, and Assess Areas of Viable Risk in Our Service

  • Provide Sufficient Protection to Whistleblowers

  • Reduce the Risk of Human Trafficking and Slavery That Might Exist in Our Chain of Service

Elderly Care

Risk and Compliance

Vine Social Care Agency Limited evaluates the extent and nature of its exposure to the risks of modern slavery taking place in its service. We have been conscious not to operate with sectors or locations of high risk as both our staff and clients are located in the UK.

In cases where we sense a potential risk, we take appropriate measures to investigate, remediate and mitigate them through activities like improved procurement, recruitment practices, industry collaboration and due diligence. We ensure that all our clients abide by our anti-slavery policy. A strict compliance code is enforced, and acts of human trafficking and slavery are not tolerated within our social care service chain. For instance, if there is evidence of a practice that fails to meet our policies, we seek to correct the concern or refrain from making a contract with the party.


Vine Social Care Agency Limited invests in educating its entire staff and procures teams to identify the risks of human trafficking and modern slavery in our service. Our training sessions and communicative channels are focused on encouraging the staff to locate and report any breaches in the agency’s Anti-Slavery Policy. Employees are educated on the benefits of the measures taken to restrict human trafficking and slavery. There are specific consequences that come from being unable to eradicate human trafficking and slavery from our service.

Further Actions and Sign-Off

The agency remains extremely committed to the task of battling human trafficking and slavery from its service chain and intends to strengthen as well as improve the existing rules that we have.

This statement has been created in accordance with section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and comprises Vine Social Care Agency Limited activities for the current year.

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