October 2020 Staff Newsletter

Pianist Suffering from Dementia Creates Music on World Alzheimer’s Day

Paul Harvey, a patient of dementia, has had a talent of
composing original tunes at random. His talent was recognized on World
Alzheimer’s Day when his son tweeted a video with a piece of soulful music
composed out of a few of Paul’s notes.

Hundreds of people across the globe are suffering from the
devastating effects of dementia. Music has always had the power to entertain
and delight. It has for long been a part of dementia therapy in the UK.

Help spread the power of music across thousands of lives and
be a part of the cause:

Lockdown Restrictions Worsen Conditions for People with Muscle and Bone Ailments

According to research conducted by the University of East
Anglia (UEA) on 678 people suffering from musculoskeletal diseases across the
UK, the condition of 53% of the patients has worsened during the lockdown.

Managing muscle, joint and bone diseases requires a
combination of medications and physical activities. Coronavirus has become a
great challenge for the wellbeing and health of young as well as older people.

Over one-third of these patients have been needing access to
the hospital rheumatology and GP departments.

Please contact the office if you need to refresh your training
on how you can support clients with muscle, joint and bone diseases.

World Mental Health Day

An initiative by the World Federation of Mental Health, the
World Mental Health Day is all set to be celebrated on October 10. The event
aims at creating mental awareness among the global mass.

All of us have a contribution to make. We can help an
individual battling mental health problems lead a dignified life. With one in
ten children suffering from a mental health problem every year, it is time we
come together and make the world a kind place.

Let us join hands and do our bit in spreading awareness of
mental health.

For more information visit the World Federation of Mental Health website:

World Smile Day

Celebrated on the first Friday of every October, the
possibility of the World Smile Day was initiated and authored by Harvey Ball, a
business craftsman residing in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Millions of people celebrate this day every year as an effort
to express generosity and help individuals smile. Every person that smiles is
one happy soul added. After Harvey Ball’s demise, a foundation named “Harvey
Ball World Smile Foundation” was created to commemorate him.

Join us on in spreading happiness this World Smile Day (Friday
2 October 2020).

The UK Announces New Restrictions to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

The entire world is battling a monster named COVID-19.
England’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the implementation of new
measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In addition to the social distancing guidelines, the list of
restrictions for the next few months includes:

- Pubs, restaurants and bars to close at 10:00 P.M
- All restricted to table service only
- Work from home to be implemented wherever possible
- Face masks are compulsory for all bar staff as well as non-seated customers, shop workers and serving waiters
- Guests at weddings restricted from 30 to 15
- Return of fans to sporting events will be paused
- "Rule of six" will be applied to all indoor team sports
- Fines for not “wearing masks” or “following rules” have been increased to £200 for the initial first offence