November 2020 Staff Newsletter

Hi Team! 

I hope and trust you are well.

As you are aware of the current increase in Covid-19 cases. I just want
to remind each and everyone of us to exercise precautionary measure when
supporting our clients. As a provider we have ensured that we have the adequate
PPE for our staff. For those who don’t have masks I kindly ask you to get some
from the office.

Thank you for your dedication and support. Remember every life matters
we need to ensure we are safe so as to preserve our lives, our clients and our
loved ones

Together we can fight this like we did on the first lockdown.

Take care and God bless!


With the Coronavirus pandemic breaking out in the first quarter of 2020,
the world was disrupted in several ways. COVID-19 has claimed the lives of many.

From the 5th of November the UK will be under lockdown for a month.

Given the growing intensity of the pandemic, the UK has enforced strict
rules such as maintaining 2 m distance between persons, limiting contact and
minimizing exposure to the virus through face masks and other measures. The
Coronavirus is spread through droplets when an infected person is coughing,
sneezing and speaking. The risks of the virus spreading are more apparent
indoors than outdoors.

At Vine Social Care we are committed to keeping you and our clients
safe. We are therefore following the Government’s rules. Help spread the
awareness and power of safety measures and save lives through small yet
important precautions.

There is special training available for how to provide care safely under
Covid-19. If anyone needs to take this or get a refresher, please contact the
office to arrange this.

Tips to Cope During Pandemic

With the pandemic bringing an upheaval, whether big or small, in
everyone’s lives and causing much more harm than anticipated initially, it is
important for us to learn to cope with it effectively. This includes addressing
the emotional toll the pandemic can have on people as well.

Some tips from Vine Social Care to cope during the pandemic include

· staying emotionally connected with loved ones

· discussing matters of worry

· helping, and supporting others

· remembering to take care of oneself.

Taking time out, on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis, to do what
brings you joy is also a great way to buoy your motivation during these tough

Let us stick together in mind and spirit even as we follow the rules of
social distancing for the well-being of others and ourselves.

International Stress Awareness Week

This year’s International Stress Awareness Week will be held from the 2nd
to the 6th of November 2020.

The event highlights the importance and necessity of addressing mental
health problems that arise due to stress. Notably, International Stress
Awareness Day was founded in November 2019 by the International Stress
Management Association to increase awareness of stress.

At Vine Social Care, we aim to help our clients to deal with stress by showing
kindness, empathy and offering stress management exercises. We can also assist
in understanding the impact of stress and devising coping mechanisms for each client
accordingly. We can also help arrange confidential talking therapy and
practical support for problems like anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and
insomnia which help with handling stress.

We also have support for any staff who are struggling with stress. Feel
free to contact the office if you think you might benefit from support with
managing stress.

Care for Dementia

Dementia is a dangerous disease that causes several health problems like
reducing thinking and judging capabilities, loss of language, movement
disabilities, cognitive impairment and memory loss.

Research shows that more than 40,000 patients of dementia go missing
annually in the UK. People with dementia need a lot of care and attention due
to their forgetful nature. They are at constant risk of running into trouble,
apart from their physical ailments.

This month we would like to thank you for your hard work in supporting
some of our clients who struggle with dementia. 

World Diabetes Day

The increasing number of diabetic patients naturally raises the concern
for diabetes. The World Diabetes Day is on November 14 2020.

This year’s World Diabetes Day emphasizes the importance of nurses in
managing and preventing diabetes. Studies and records show that obesity in the
UK has doubled in the last 20 years. This is a cause of great alarm, as obesity
is one of the primary causes of diabetes. World Diabetes Day seeks to create
more awareness in and around diabetic patients so that they can lead a better

Feel free to contact the office if you need to update your training on
how you can help clients with diabetes.

Writing Good Care Notes Helps Improve the Quality of Care

At Vine Social Care we aim to provide excellent care to our clients and make
life as easy as possible for our staff.

As a team we support each other by taking good care notes and making sure
important details about a client and how they are coping are documented and available
to anyone who might need to get up to speed with a client’s history.

I would like to thank you for your continued consistency in taking good care
notes and raising any issues or concerns that arise while you provide care.

To maintain our standard of services, let us support one another in striving
to maintain good care notes and making sure we order contact sheet books and care
forms from the office in advance.


Thank you for being a part of our team and for bracing through these
turbulent times with such efficacy and diligence. It is you our passionate,
committed staff who make Vine Social Care what it is, and I would like to
express my heartfelt appreciation.