February 2020 Staff Newsletter



February Staff Newsletter



Coronavirus Update



This month, a third case of the coronavirus confirmed in the United Kingdom. Government guidance states that travellers going back from Iran, Hubei and particular regions of South Korea must self-isolate on reaching home or their destination. This is necessary, even though they don’t show any symptoms.

COVID-19 Stops Routine CQC Inspections to Support Care Delivery

The CQC has recently announced it will be halting routine inspections. As an alternative, they will concentrate on supporting health care providers to present safe care throughout the outbreak.

The major goal of the CQC is set to be backing providers up to keep folks safe during a time of extreme pressures on the health as well as the care system. Thus, routine inspections have been perceived as an obstacle. Inspection powers are being used in small cases where there exists evidence of danger.

The CQC is required to consider the complicated recovery stage every healthcare provider would experience before regular activity could resume in any future inspections.


The UK’s Biggest Killer Dementia Ignored



Recently, national campaigner Silver Voices has critiqued the “disgraceful neglect” of individuals who have dementia – considered as the major killer of the UK. Silver Voices is requesting for the Chancellor to allot an additional £8 billion a year in his March Budget for social care to deal with the neglect of individuals suffering from the disease.

There were more than 370,000 emergency admissions of individuals with dementia from 2017 to 2018. According to Silver Voices, the costs of dementia to the society amount to £30 billion each year.